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Classic Kitchen


A chic and timeless kitchen

Chic and elegant, classic kitchens are sure to stand the test of time. With its whites deployed in a thousand and one shades and its soft, neutral colors, it leaves a lot of flexibility for accessorization as desired.


Classic kitchen cabinets, often made of wood or MDF, feature simple architectural details. Depending on the space available, there are often many cabinets that are meant to provide plenty of storage.


Countertops in a classic kitchen: marble, quartz, laminate, really, anything goes! It is generally the budget that will guide the choice of material for the countertop. We favor simple and more modest looking countertop colors such as grays, blacks, whites or beiges. Sobriety and neutrality are also essential when it comes to backsplash or ceramic on the floor.


Opting for a classic kitchen is an excellent investment. Adopting this style is making sure that this masterpiece will work in your favor if you eventually want to sell your property.

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