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Wood or MDF cabinet doors


Wood kitchen cabinets

Wood gives off warm and rich vibes to every room, wood stands out from other materials.

Kwizine cabinet doors are made of solid wood with a natural finish or stained in the color of your choice. Whatever the essence of your wood cabinets (oak, maple, cherry, etc.), they harmonize with your decor by adding cachet, distinction and value.


How to choose your cabinet model? Our kitchen designers will guide you through the wide range of styles, moldings and decorations. The beauty of a wooden cabinet is its versatility. In its simplest form, it coordinates with modern, contemporary and Scandinavian kitchens. When we add worked moldings, we transform it to give it a country or farmhouse look.

MDF kitchen cabinets

Doors made of MDF, a derivative of wood, are practical and have many advantages, including being very affordable. It is the perfect choice if you opt for opaque or lacquered cabinet doors, because its invisible grain gives it a perfectly smooth finish. For the economic aspect, it is common to combine wood and MDF. Some people will select solid wood cabinets topped with MDF doors of the coveted style (Shaker, Recessed, Raised, Flat Panel, etc.).

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