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Thermoplastic cabinet doors


Thermoplastic kitchen cabinets

Thermoplastic is a versatile and affordable choice when it comes to quality cooking. It offers a wide variety of cabinet models, colors, textures and styles. Made from medium density pine fiber (MDF), the panel is then covered with a hot melt vinyl coating. The coating that covers the panels, the thermoplastic film, makes it possible to have no joints, which prevents the accumulation of germs and facilitates cleaning.

Thermoplastic cabinets are manufactured to withstand fluctuations in humidity and temperature, making them impervious to liquid spills. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays, scratches, impact, and their original color is not tarnished by the passage of time.

Thermoplastic cabinets are a great value option for a new kitchen. In addition, they are a wise choice for renovating a kitchen by keeping the original cabinets and replacing the doors with thermoplastic panels. So you can go from an old-fashioned look to a contemporary or modern style kitchen for a fraction of the cost.

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