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Midcentury / Scandinavian Kitchen

Image by Jason Briscoe

A refined, functional kitchen

Scandinavian style is unmistakably synonymous with minimalist design inspired by nature. There is a lot of wood and natural elements there. In the Scandinavian kitchen, the many open shelves allow you to store dishes and display some pretty, carefully selected kitchen accessories. The watchword here is “less is better”, unnecessary decorations are not welcome! Moreover, Scandinavian cabinets generally do not have handles or they are recessed. As for the range hood, it is often one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian kitchens. Although it is imposing, it remains simple and linear.


While white regularly complements the natural tones of cabinetry and kitchen furniture, it is not uncommon to see small accents of vibrant colors or gorgeous pastel hues in Scandinavian decor. We also notice the arrival of darker colors which, when combined with natural wood, provide a very warm effect.


In a Scandinavian kitchen, old meets new. It is thus prescribed to unearth some elements of flea markets and to arrange them with equipment at the cutting edge of modernity.

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