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Questionnaire de planification   

Nous vous conseillons également de joindre des photos existantes de la pièce où la cuisine sera localisée. 

Avant de débuter, nous avons deux divisions soit une pour une cuisine sur mesure et l'autre pour une cuisine standard. Connaissez-vous les différences?  Dévouvrez-les ici 


Where did you hear about kwizine?
Choose the answer that suits you the most;
What budget are you comfortable spending?
Would you like our installation services?

Get inspired!

What style do you like the most?

Which of these door models do you prefer?
spectra (2).jpg
What color scheme would you like?
Choose the answer;
What type of finish do you like?
Choose the answer;

Choice of countertop materials

As with kitchen cabinets, the choice of countertop materials should take into account practicality, aesthetics and your budget.

Laminate     $

strat 1.jpg
strat 2.jpg
  • Available molded or square (with edgebanding)

  • Available in several colors, patterns, finishes and profiles

  • Wear resistant

  • Good value for money

Granite   $$ - $$$

granit 2.jpg
granit 1.jpg
  • Natural stone slice Heat resistant

  • Requires annual maintenance Wear resistant

  • Limited color choice

Quartz   $$ - $$$

quartz 1.jpg
quartz 2.jpg
  • Composed of quartz and resin particles (ideally 93% quartz / 7% resin)

  • Available in gloss or matte finish in several colors

  •   Available in 3/4 '' and 1 1/4 '' thick

  • Maintenance free Wear resistant

Wood       $$$

bois 2.jpg
bois 1.jpg
  • Solid wood

  • Available in different species, finishes, profile and thickness

  • Available either oiled or varnished

Ultra compact surface   $$$

surface 1.png
surface 2.jpg
  • Mixture of different minerals which have been compressed and heated at high temperature

  • Available in matte or gloss finish

  • Available in many colors and patterns

  • Available in 8mm, 12mm, 20mm and 30mm thickness

  • Heat resistant

  • Superior wear resistance

What countertop materials do you like?
What style of countertops do you prefer?
Would you like countertop seating, if yes, for how many people?

Hardware & Accessories

A kitchen should be practical and functional. Quality hardware and well-selected accessories create a pleasant environment to entertain and cook.

Check the boxes;

What options would you like for interior storage?
2 bacs.jpg
4 bacs.jpg
tiroirs coulissants.jpg
What other options are you considering?
panier sous evier.jpg
lazy susan.jpg
mécanisme d'ouverture HK -XS.jpg

We are almost done!

What features would you like in your new kitchen?
Do you want glass doors?
Interior or under cabinet recessed lighting?
Would you like a breakfast nook?

Now for appliances

Complete the sections relevant to your project. A reflection on the possibility of moving the devices, or not, is crucial.







Planifiez-vous avoir un?


Planifiez-vous avoir un?


Can the hood be moved?
Capture d’écran 2023-05-23 182102.png


Microwave location?


Make one or more choices
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