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10 accessories to optimize your kitchen space and storage.

Opt for large drawers

What better than large drawers to store our pots and pans. Nothing is going to fall on you when you try to take the last one under the pile.

Built-in recycling and garbage system

In today's kitchen design, a hidden garbage and recycling center is a must! No more emptying the garbage can daily! Opt for an integrated garbage and recycling center all in one.

Cookie and baking sheet organizer

We are always looking for storage space for our large items such as baking sheets and cutting boards. Opt for a divider specially designed for these items. Now, we can classify them by type thanks to the dividers. Even cutting boards have their place here.

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Organizing your corner cabinet

The notorious ''messy'' corner cabinets. It is always difficult to access our equipment. However, there are systems that greatly facilitate this. Classic and practical, a lazy susan will save you several headaches by facilitating your access to your articles.

Utensils divider

In utensil drawers, you often lose control. Lots of objects if found without necessarily having a place. Thanks to the dividers, you keep an impeccable order every time.

Integrated Spice cabinet pull-out

We all have a cabinet for our spices in our kitchen. However, this space is difficult to reach. The preferred solution, which we almost always offer, is a cabinet specifically dedicated to our spices. By including it in a minimum space of 8 '', this cabinet becomes accessible and practical.

Pantry roll-out shelves

It's hard to grab the flour because it's stuck between other items in your pantry? Use pull-out systems to easily access all of your items, hassle-free!

A multifunctional breakfast cabinet

Want to hide that toaster, coffee machine and leave your counters as free as possible? Then this organization cabinet is what you need!

Towel bar

Kitchen towels are an item that can be difficult to store. We want to let it dry between uses, but we want it to be accessible quickly at the same time! Towels are often found on the handle of a stove! With a towel rail hidden in a cabinet, they can dry in peace, without disturbing the look of our beautiful kitchen

Under the sink storage

It can be said, dish brushes are very unattractive, but still practical. So why not hide these within easy reach, in a small basket under the sink. Bye Bye the sponge!



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