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Quartz, granite, marble, stainless steel, concrete, ceramic ... Among the multitude of options available for your kitchen countertop, are you wondering which one you should opt for? Have you thought about laminate? Inexpensive but at the same time elegant and modern, this material is full of qualities! Forget your old prejudices about laminate because while it was once considered a low-end material, it is completely empty today. In fact, laminate is becoming more and more popular in Quebec because of the many benefits it brings to your kitchen. Curious to know more? Learn more through our article! What is laminate? First, let's define the material type of the laminate. It is a mixture of materials and resin, comprising several layers of Kraft paper which are coated with melamine resin. It is presented in the form of a panel with a top coat to give it a beautiful aesthetic appearance and make it more resistant. Although it was previously considered a “cheap” material and mostly used for low-end kitchens, things have changed a lot. Laminate is now widely used for kitchen counters of all types. Indeed, it is very popular with both its aesthetics and its minimal maintenance and is can adapt to a wide variety of styles.

Endless possibilities for customization

If laminate has become so popular in recent years, it is mainly because it offers many possibilities of customization in terms of colors, finishes and texture, for a kitchen adapted to your tastes. Indeed, laminate has the advantage of offering a wide variety of colors and even allows you to have visuals printed on your laminate panels to define the decoration you want for your kitchen and give it a unique look. Laminate is also a material that imitates very well those more expensive such as quartz or granite as well as wood and stainless steel. So, if you like these materials a lot but find their price too expensive, laminate is a good alternative as it is offered at a very affordable price for the same visual appearance.

Optimal resistance for a durable countertop

Laminate is a material that has the ability to offer very good resistance to impact, scratches and stains. You will therefore be able to use your counter to cook without fear of damaging it with knives or other utensils or of dirtying it when you are in the middle of preparing your meal. The laminate also resists heat very well. Very good at not absorbing humidity which is a huge advantage in a kitchen where vapor is very present when preparing meals. Thus, the great strength of the laminate allows you to have a kitchen counter that keeps the same appearance over the years.

A very affordable and economical price

If laminate is such a popular material, this is not only due to its beautiful aesthetic appearance and durability, but also at its inexpensive price. Indeed, compared to materials such as marble or quartz which are very expensive, laminate has the advantage of being a very affordable material. Since we have seen that laminate offers a very nice imitation of more expensive materials, you can opt for the kitchen of your dreams while saving big savings. Thus, you maintain an elegant and refined appearance for your kitchen while respecting your budget. A counter that is easy to install and maintain Another advantage of laminate eis that its an easy and quick installation. It is also able to adapt to all existing surfaces and dimensions. So, regardless of the configuration of your kitchen, your laminate countertop will be designed and manufactured according to the measurements you have given in order to fit well with the existing architecture. As laminate is non-porous, it remains a very easy to maintain material. This is because when you clean your kitchen counter after using it, all you need is soap, water and a rag. Just be careful not to use abrasive cleaners that could damage your surface.



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