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A first in Quebec in the green, custom made kitchen industry

Greenguard Gold certified eco-friendly kitchen
Püre series by Kwizine

A Greenguard kitchen that allows you to acquire LEED points

Kwizine Pure Ecological Cuisine
Decormag Kwizine

Discover our new innovative collection of eco-friendly kitchen cabinets: Püre

The PüRE Series from Kwizine seems to be a wise response to the growing demand for environmentally friendly kitchens. Greenguard Gold certification is a guarantee of quality in terms of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, which means that the products meet strict health and ecological standards.

This initiative demonstrates Kwizine’s commitment to sustainability and the well-being of its customers.

Reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions helps improve indoor air quality, which is crucial in a space as vital as the kitchen. Rigorous laboratory testing ensures that each component meets strict certification standards.

Taking into account food safety is also very relevant. With our food stored in kitchen cabinets, it is essential to eliminate exposure to potentially harmful chemical solvents and glues . Offering toxic-free cooking is a significant step forward towards a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Learn more about Greenguard Gold certification follow the following link

By collaborating with trusted partners, you not only strengthen your own business, but also create lasting relationships in your professional network. As a supplier of Greenguard Gold certified kitchens, your partners may include manufacturers of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, distributors specializing in eco-friendly products, experts in environmental certification, and even associations or organizations engaged in sustainable development. By highlighting these partners, you strengthen your credibility and reputation as a responsible and sustainability-focused company.

It's great to see how each element of the Püre kitchen is carefully selected to combine sustainability and ecological quality. Neolith's sintered stone countertops, benefiting from Greenguard certification and backed by their commitment to sustainability, not only bring a stylish aesthetic to the kitchen, but also exceptional functionality.

Sintered stone's resistance to high temperatures and extreme hygiene are particularly important features in a kitchen, providing peace of mind by eliminating potentially harmful bacteria. This combination of durability, eco-friendly features and performance makes the Püre kitchen an attractive option for those seeking both a modern aesthetic and a commitment to the environment.

We also took sustainability into account when choosing hardware by collaborating with Hettich. Their commitment to carbon neutrality is further proof of their environmental responsibility.

By choosing low CO2 or even CO2 neutral hardware products, you ensure that every aspect of the Püre kitchen contributes to reducing its carbon footprint.

This holistic approach to sustainability, from design to manufacturing, shows Kwizine's commitment to environmentally friendly practices at every stage of the process.

This collaboration with companies such as Hettich further strengthens the credibility of the Püre Series as a high-quality, eco-friendly kitchen choice.



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